Today, we woke up and took a cold shower. Breakfast is included with the hotel.

At 8:00, we met Hector and went downstairs to the hotel’s dining room. We were served eggs with bacon, an arepa, and a piece of toast.

The drinks were hot chocolate and orange juice.

I do not like hot chocolate or orange juice, but I definitely found that I would much rather orange juice than hot chocolate so that is what I drank.

After breakfast, we came up to the room and then met Hector downstairs for a meeting at 9:30. Hector went over all of my papers and a powerpoint presentation about the in country process with me.

After that, the translators came to meet us.

Today was the interview at ICBF so they wanted to familiarize themselves with me before the meeting.

After we met with them, we came back to the room.

At 1:50, we met Hector and caught a taxi to the ICBF.

The interview was at 2:30.

I wasn’t scared exactly, but I was unsure of what to expect. I had in the back of my mind what would happen if they did not like me.

Anyway, I brought a list of questions to the meeting. It turned out that having questions written out was perfect.


They allowed me to ask questions and I got a ton of information on Adriana. They did not ask me any questions! I guess they had enough information gathered on me from 2 years lol.

At the meeting, they gave me the board book that I sent Adriana back. They also presented me with a gift. It was a book in the shape of a butterfly. They put pictures of Adriana and wrote different things in it just like a scrap book! It is a huge treasure and I love it so much!

Everyone at the meeting was wonderful. There were two girls on skype who were answering all of my questions.

There was the head famliy defender (Sandra) who was great, a psychologist, another lady, the two translators, me, my mom, and Hector in addition to the two ladies on Skype.

After that, we left and went tothe mall for dinner (hamburger) and then looked at cakes for tomorrow.





So…the actual adoption trip has begun!!

Last night, my mom and I were on a flight that left at 11:59 pm.

What is really awesome is that there is a girl named Crystal that I have met over the past year. Her family is also adopting from Colombia and we happened to be on the SAME FLIGHT!!

I can’t get over that because it is so awesome. The girl actually went to school at Hamshire Fannett for several years! Now, we are adopting from the same country. We both meet our children on the exact same date!

Anyway…We landed at 4:54 am in Bogota. Mom found some man that was helping us but it was getting me worried because I knew Hector was the one who was supposed to help us. It ended up taking us about an hour longer than it should have to get out and find Hector. I felt so bad for him because he got to the airport at 5 and we didn’t come out until a little after 6!

We sat at a table and visited for a while and then went upstairs to a restaurant for breakfast.

After breakfast, we made our way to the Avianca airline service terminal (it was a bus ride away).

We waited at Avianca and then flew to Florencia at 11:44 am.

The drive to our hotel was quite interesting. Ireally wanted to film it but didn’tknow if they would care.

We came back to the hotel for a couple hours.


At 6, we walked to the mall.

I was so interested to see everything as we walked by. There were a lot of barber shops and restaurants. There were also many stores.

The roads were extremely uneven and made out of random materials (some stones big as my and mixed with asphault) and many deep holes to look out for.

I loved walking the walk. It gives me a glimpse of what Adriana is used to.

We walked by many people’s homes. They were wide open and you could see the beds inside.  INstead of furniture, there were plastic chairs. They even parked their motorcycles inside their home.

The traffic and driving is pretty scary. They have no lanes and just have tons and tons of motorcycles all jammed up together as they drive along. Walking across the street was quite difficult because there are so many motorcycles coming constantly.

I saw a man juggling at the redlight. He stood on top of someone’s car and juggled some more.

They sell water in a bag. I really want to buy one!

Tomorrow is my interview. I need questions to ask!!

After tonight, there is only one more night that I have dinner without Adriana! This is so exciting!

I meet her Wednesday at 2:30!!Woo hoo!!

Early September


All week, I was looking forward to being given travel dates. They told me that I may get the travel dates by Monday (august 29). I didn’t get the dates Monday.

This Thursday morning (Sept 1), I woke up thinking that, “today is the day”! I went to work. I hoped that I would get an email or phone call all day long ( I knew I’d probably miss the phone call while at work but she would leave me a wonderful voicemail).

The day ended and I did not get my numbers.

I was sitting on my swing outside at 7:38 pm. My phone rang. It was an unknown number from Ohio. Since my agency is in Ohio, I answered it.

It was N (not going to put her name)! She was calling from her personal cell phone to tell me that I got the dates!!!!!

I will have an interview on September 13 with Adriana! I will meet Adriana on September 14!

THAT was the phone call I have waited for almost 2 years for!! I was so excited and still am!!!

I called people who needed to be called. I emailed the principal to let him know. I typed up a letter to send to parents so that it could be approved.

Today is Monday, September 5. I am off work today but it has been a super busy weekend. My letter will be sent home to parents tomorrow to inform them that I will be traveling.

Saturday, I tried getting all packed up. I ended up going to mom’s house to work on the gifts (she is putting vinyl Texas on some items I bought).

Mom and I ended up going to town. We went to buy vinyl. We also went to some other stores. I got myself two dressy outfits for court and whatever else I will need to dress up for. I also bought cookie cutters in the shape of Texas to give as part of my gifts.

I already have Texas handkerchiefs, little bags (brown country looking material), a few fake Yeti cups, and a few magnets.

Mom was putting the shape of Texas on the little bags for me with vinyl and also putting Texas on the cups.

The bigger gifts to the people that help me the most will get a cup, bag, cookie cutter, handkerchief, and a small tobasco. (I ordered them on SAturday).

The smaller gifts will get a bag with a cookie cutter and tobasco sauce in it (not a special bag, but a small brown gift bag)

I needed around 30 gifts so this added up quickly.

While in town today, we saw several people we hadn’t seen in a while and had wonderful conversations with all of them. We saw my uncle and cousin. We also saw my cousin named MAcie and talked for 2 hours in walmart with her! I even saw my old principal today.

After buying various things needed for travel, we went home.

Sunday morning, I packed up what I could, weighed it, etc. I went to moms to work on the vinyl stuff with her again for the gifts. We ended up going to town again.

This time, I found pot holders and bought 32 pot holders. We went home and put vinyl Texas on each pot holder. This will be the gift. I will get my money back on most of the cookie cutters. The pot holders came out SO CUTE!!! I am super excited.

We also made myself and Adriana a matching shirt set that I love. My mom put a design on me and her a fake yeti cup that we will take to Colombia. Mine says “life is better together” and has Colombia. (it’s all glitter). My mom’s has a Colombia on one side and Texas on the other (also all glitter). They look GREAT!!

After all of that was done, it was 2:35 when I got home!!

I woke up this morning. I am typing this blog and will soon begin trying to pack again. My goal today is to have everything packed and ready to go. It is like a game beecause I have to weigh and move things around to make the weights work out for each suitcase and then I also have to move things around to fit in the bag like a puzzle.

I am so excited! I will be meeting her so soon!!!

I wrapped a few small things for Adriana so that she will have something to open on her birthday. My mom is going to wrap her a gift too. SO EXCITING. I will be with her on her third birthday!! YAY!!!!!



August 2- went to Colombian Consulate in Houston to get visa. I was there several hours waiting. Finally, it was my turn and they told me they had to work on it. Said I could leave and come back another day but that it might be done today. I waited in Houston (ate lunch and shopped with Kristi) until they closed. Nothing. They called after closing time and told me that my visa would be ready to pick up so I could come pick it up any day that I was ready.

August 4-I went back to Houston to the Colombian Consulate to get my visa. I got there before they opened. I was second in line. I was literally the LAST person to leave at closing time!! I was there for hours and hours and hours. They let me take a lunch break so I went to lunch with Kristi. They said it would be ready when I got back from lunch. I ended up waiting from after lunch around 2 to about 4 something to finally get to leave. I was locked in so I couldnt tell Kristi (left my phone with her to charge). She and Greyson waited for over two hours. I felt so bad but she stuck it out!!! We went shopping for bows afterwards (-:

I GOT MY VISA! It expires in December.

August 10-  i800 approval came in!

August 11-teachers go back to work

On this same day, I was told that I need new medical report, FBI clearance, employee letter, and financial page because my others were on the verge of expiring…all notarized and apostilled.

This really bothered me! I had all summer to get this stuff done. I would have been able to freely drive to Austin for apostilles, etc. But I didn’t find out until the day that I was back at work.

August 12- found out that my i800 was approved on August 10!!!

August 17-doctor appointment to get new medical suitability certificate

August 18-NVC Numbers came in through email at 5:31 am!! This is a huge deal because it means that I can fill out my ds260…one of the very last things I need to fill out!

Also…bloodwork appointment

August 20-doctors office for tb skin test check up

August 22-FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL WITH KIDS. Finally got to send my ds260 (talked on the phone at night with agency to fill it out)




July 1- My updated homestudy for Colombia came in the mail. I was told that H (initial for his name) thinks that I will only be in Colombia for 3 weeks…4 weeks at MOST!!

July 8-I sent i800a Supplement 3. This is to extend my expiration date on my i800a.

I really hate how everything is expiring. It is costing a lot more money to update my homestudy, mail in papers, etc. I wish the adoption world would allow things to last for longer because it is an added expense that is really frustrating.

July 12- I received the english version of the official referral!! I now learned a lot of things about Adriana!!!!

July 13-Filled out i800 and sent to agency to review. They said that I can’t mail it so it won’t be until July 18 or 19 that it is sent )-:

July 15- the fingerprint refresh on my i800a supplement 3 was sent by my officer today. This could take 2-6 weeks to get done

July 19- my agency did not send my i800 yet because there were some medical parts of Adriana’s file that did not get translated. I was told it will take about a week to get those translations in so that my i800 can be submitted. blahhhhhh. I know it’s necessary because we need my i800 to be perfect when sent so it doesn’t get sent back to me, but it just bites it can’t be sent yet.

July 20- Got the i797 Notice of Action on my Supplement 3 in the mail. The receipt date was July 11.

July 28-my i800 was finally mailed!!! WOO HOO!! This is a huge step! The i800 is for the United States to approve Adriana specifically!



The rest of June


June 27- Adriana flies to Bogota for medical appointment with her foster mom


June 29-Adriana flies back to Florencia

Also, I found out Adriana’s measurements!! I am so excited to have a good idea about her size!!!

She is 29.92 pounds and 21 inches!!

According to size charts and a few other people with children this size, she is around size 18 month clothes.

I am so excited to get all of this wonderful information!!!